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Cyberpunk Action RPG ‘Punishing: Gray Raven’ Launching on July 16th, Pre-Registration with Rewards Live Now

If you keep tabs on the “buzz" in the world of mobile games, chances are you’re aware of an action RPG from Kuro Game called Punishing: Gray Raven. It’s been out overseas for a couple of years now and has garnered massive praise for its killer story, characters, combat, and post-apocalyptic open world setting. Many have called it the cyberpunk equivelent to Genshin Impact, and if that’s even 50% accurate then consider me majorly sold. Anyway, while folks in other territories have been enjoying Punishing: Gray Raven for a while now, us folks in the West have been wondering when the heck we can get our hands on the game for ourselves. Well today Kuro has finally made it official and they’ve stamped a July 16th date for the release of Punishing: Gray Raven in North America, Europe, South-East Asia, and Australia.

There’s also been a huge pre-registration campaign going on for Punishing: Gray Raven and it has been quite a success so far. According to the game’s pre-registration website, more than 480,000 players have already pre-registered for the game as of this writing, and that is getting dangerously close to the final pre-registration goal of 500,000 which will unlock the final reward. If you figure you’ll at least be trying this one out when it releases then you might as well head over there and pre-register too so you can get in on the rewards action. Additionally you can pre-order the game on the iOS App Store or pre-register on the Google Play Store for Android and it’ll just automagically download to your device upon release. I’m extremely looking forward to getting my hands on Punishing: Gray Raven when it launches a week from tomorrow.