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‘Kingdom Rush’ Developer Ironhide Announces Post-Apocalyptic Tower Defense Game ‘Junkworld’

Not even a month out from releasing Legends of Kingdom Rush on Apple Arcade and Ironhide Game Studio has already announced a brand new project, this time a tower defense game that’s not set in the world of Kingdom Rush. Or if it is, things have gone very wrong in that world. The game is called Junkworld and it’s Ironhide’s special brand of tower defense gameplay but in a post-apocalyptic setting that kind of feels like what would happen if Borderlands up and decided to become a tower defense game. There’s also some deck-building involved to further add spice to their typical formula. You can get a pretty good sense of what Junkworld is all about by way of the following trailer.

Over on Ironhide’s website they say that Junkworld has been in development for just over a year, and in describing the game say that “players will face fast TD battles in a post-apocalyptic world with Ironhide’s unique artistic style and humor. Players will place towers and deploy tactics freely all over the map to achieve victory. Also, they will beat challenges, slay vicious mutated beasts, face despicable sand bandits, and a ruthless army called The Order". They also say that they are very close to soft-launching the game in select territories on Android, with expansion to other regions and the iOS platform to follow. So if you’re on Android and located in the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia or Uruguay then head over to the Google Play Store to pre-register and we will continue to keep our eye on Junkworld as development rolls on.