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Awesome New Trailer Released for ‘Rush Rally Origins’ and an August Launch is Looking Likely

Late last week developer Brownmonster announced a new game called Rush Rally Origins, and as that title suggests it’s a game that takes the best-in-class rally racing of the Rush Rally series and revisits the original game’s top-down view in an effort to create “the definitive top-down racer" on mobile. Based on how incredible the previous entry Rush Rally 3 is, and based on my love of the top-down racing genre, I think Rush Rally Origins has a very good chance of accomplishing that goal. While that initial announcement was accompanied by some very lovely screenshots, I think I’m even more convinced now that I’ve seen Rush Rally Origins in motion thanks to this brand new trailer.

Lookin’ real good! Rush Rally Origins will feature 36 new stages spread across the world, with the ability to change the time of day or weather in each of them. And of course, being a Rush Rally game, these stages will take place on multiple types of surfaces including dirt, gravel, sand, mud, pavement, or snow, and vehicles will handle differently depending on which surface you’re racing on. As expected you’ll be able to race against other competitors and download ghosts from the global leaderboards to race against, or you can compete against yourself trying to set the best time for a stage. There’s also a vehicle upgrading system and customizeable controls, as well as support for physical controllers.

Rush Rally Origins looks fantastic and should be arriving on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch in mid-August or thereabouts. I can’t wait.