xCloud Game Streaming Is Getting Upgraded and Launching for Browsers Including Safari in the Coming Weeks

After writing about xCloud and how it may or may not come to iOS properly or at all initially, it looks we are finally in the home stretch. Microsoft just announced a wealth of new details and plans for xCloud or Xbox cloud gaming and Xbox Game Pass. In the next few weeks, Microsoft will be upgraded the server hardware for xCloud to Xbox Series X from the current Xbox One S backend. This will allow for faster load times, newer Xbox Series X|S games, and a generally better experience for everyone. The current streaming for browsers is in beta and it is also going to be made available to all in supported regions in the next few weeks. This means the iOS and iPadOS streaming might launch alongside the server upgrade and be a great experience right from the get go. After such a long wait, it looks like streaming Xbox games is less than a month away if you live in a supported region and own an iPhone or iPad.

If you’ve not kept up with xCloud and why it hasn’t launched on iOS alongside Android, Apple’s own restrictions and rules are the reason for the delay. Thankfully, we should have a definite date announced at E3 or soon after and the wait will finally be over. If you’d like to see how an early build of xCloud through a browser looks, read here. In addition to browsers, Microsoft is also looking at new subscription offerings across different markets and working to let everyone play across any screen without needing a console. Cloud gaming is coming to Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and Japan later this year as well. Have you tried xCloud through any of the previews or the Android release?