The Phenomenal Surreal Adventure Game ‘Figment: Journey Into the Mind’ On Sale for Just a Buck

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Back in November of 2019 developer Bedtime Digital released an iOS port of their extremely well-received adventure game Figment: Journey Into the Mind, which had originally launched on PC in 2017. Figment was a surreal adventure where you would explore dreams and fight off nightmares, and because it took place in the mind it was free to showcase all manner of crazy environments and characters. The game plays like a blend of classic point-and-click adventure and hack ‘n slash action game, and its tremendous visual style is paired with outstanding voice acting that brings the entire experience to life. We chose it as our Game of the Week when it released on iOS and I described it then as like “playing a storybook that’s come to life" which I still think is a very accurate description. Check out the trailer.

Anyway, one of the coolest things about Figment on iOS was that you could play through a large portion of the beginning of the game for free to see if you liked it, and then the entire rest of the game was available as a one-time $4.99 IAP unlock. That was a good deal already, but for whatever reason that IAP unlock price is currently just 99¢ on iOS, which is basically stealing for a game of this quality. So if you for whatever reason hesitated unlocking the full game before, or perhaps you haven’t given Figment a try yet at all, now is a great time to check it out and unlock the entire game for a ridiculous price.

I have no idea how long this sale might last so as with most App Store sales time is of the essence. Also, Figment 2 is in the works and there’s a playable prologue on Steam if you’re interested in trying it out. Hopefully that sequel will also make its way to mobile at some point, but in the meantime be sure to try out the original Figment while this killer deal is active.

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