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‘SpongeBob: Idle Adventures’ Is a New Idle ‘SpongeBob’ Game Developed by Kongregate for iOS and Android due This Summer

Developer Kongregate just revealed a brand new SpongeBob idle game for iOS and Android in the form of SpongeBob: Idle Adventures. SpongeBob: Idle Adventures will feature new alternate dimensions within the SpongeBob universe and it will include a plethora of characters from the show. SpongeBob: Idle Adventures will be another game based on the brand hitting mobile with the many we already have through free to play, premium releases, and Apple Arcade. Kongregate’s SpongeBob: Idle Adventures will be coming to both iOS and Android this Summer and the first look at gameplay has been revealed in the announcement trailer. Watch the SpongeBob: Idle Adventures announcement trailer below:

SpongeBob: Idle Adventures begins with a normal day in Bikini Bottom. Patrick breaks Sandy’s vortex machine transporting everyone to an alternate dimension with the likes of Plankton, Mr Krabs, Squidward, and more working to get back to the real Bikini Bottom. As of now, a release date and pre-registrations for SpongeBob: Idle Adventures haven’t been revealed but it will be launching this Summer on both iOS and Android. We will post about the game when it is set to release. If you aren’t a fan of idle games or free to play games, make sure to check out HandyGames’ SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom on both iOS and Android which is a fully premium game that looks and runs brilliantly. What is your favourite SpongeBob mobile game?