Action Comedy Platformer ‘Huntdown’ from Easy Trigger Games and Coffee Stain Is Finally Available on Mobile as a Free to Try Game

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Back in 2016, Huntdown was announced for iOS and Android. Following that, Easy Trigger’s action comedy platformer Huntdown ($6.99) was released on PC and consoles. It was finally announced for mobile once again earlier this year with no definite release date. Today, Huntdown has released on both iOS and Android for free bringing its action comedy platforming spread across 20 levels and three bounty hunters. The iOS version even included Apple TV support. I hadn’t played Huntdown on PC or consoles and the mobile trailer from this February’s news got me excited to check it out. After spending a bit of time with Huntdown on my iPad and iPhone, it seems excellent so far. It has controller support and touch controls with iCloud save syncing. If you missed the trailer, watch it below:

Huntdown is free to try and includes one single in app purchase to unlock the full game. This is priced at $8.99 or about $9.99 depending on your region. If you’d like to sample it, you can get Huntdown on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. You can check out our new forum thread for Huntdown here and visit the original announcement thread from 2016 to see what everyone thought of the game’s trailer back then. Even if you don’t want to buy it, the animation and art in Huntdown are awesome and you should download it to see how smooth it feels on iOS. Have you played Huntdown on PC or console yet or were you waiting for the long awaited mobile release?

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