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Awesome Platform Shooter ‘Huntdown’ Gets Announced for Mobile 5 Years After Being Announced for Mobile

Navigating the world of mobile games is always tricky business. As we’ve talked about numerous times over the years, mobile gaming has a negative stigma in the traditional gaming space, and the timing of multiplatform releases can be integral into how well your game is received. Release on mobile first and other platforms later and you risk people on console and PC thinking “That’s just a crappy port of a crappy mobile game!" Release on mobile and other platforms simultaneously and you risk people thinking “This game isn’t as good as it should be on PC and console because the developers made compromises to make sure it also runs on mobile!" (Yes, I’ve seen this argument A LOT.)

The path to victory has regularly been proven to be releasing on console and/or PC first and establishing a strong fan base there, then bringing your game to mobile sometime down the line. In those cases people tend to think “Hey, I love that game on console/PC, now I can play it on the go on my phone? Cool!" I can’t say for sure that’s the scenario developer Easy Trigger and publisher Coffee Stain had in mind with the release sequence of their game Huntdown, but that’s how it has shaken out as today the game was officially announced for release on iOS and Android (again). More on that in a minute, first, the Huntdown trailer.

As you can see, Huntdown looks pretty dang awesome, and based on the console and PC release from May of last year, players seem to think it is in fact pretty dang awesome. What’s funny is that it also looked awesome when it was originally announced as an iOS and Android game on our forums five years ago. Easy Trigger has never outright said mobile was off the table, but at some point the focus very much shifted to a console and PC release, and I have to imagine that if the game wasn’t well-received on other platforms then this mobile release might not be happening. Thankfully it was though, as I’ve been eagerly anticipating Huntdown since its announcement 5 years ago and have avoided playing it on other platforms in the hopes that the mobile version would someday materialize.

Unfortunately no specific release date for Huntdown on mobile has been announced, but it will be coming this year. We also know it will feature fully customizable controls as well as physical controller support, and it will be free to download and try with a premium full game unlock IAP. Once a date for Huntdown on iOS and Android is announced we’ll let you know.