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‘Psychofunk’ is a Psychedelic and Funky Platformer with a Twist from the Creator of ‘No More Buttons’ that’s Coming in June

That headline is not lying. Psychofunk from developer Tommy Søreide Kjær is specifically inspired by the psychadelic-ness of the 1960s and the funky-ness of the 1970s, and that is very apparent in the overall aesthetics and vibe of the game. I dig it, man. It’s groovy and, uh, trippy, or something. As for the gameplay itself, Psychofunk is a platformer where the main character moves on its own and it’s your job to control the various platforms in the game to allow the little… arrow… person… thing to fall through the platform when needed in order to avoid a multitude of hazards and death traps. The developer likens the way you move the platforms in and out of the background to the way you press in the buttons on a cassette player. What if you don’t know what a cassette player is? You get off my lawn, that’s what. Everything should become quite clear if you check out the Psychofunk trailer below.

Plenty of you may already be familiar with Tommy Søreide Kjær by way of the clever No More Buttons or its follow-up One More Button from a few years ago. Both games sort of spun traditional gaming mechanics on their ear in different ways, and both games were very charmingly hand-drawn and animated. Those are all traits that have carried over into Psychofunk as well. The developer also notes that this is a game that has been designed specifically for touchscreen mobile devices and that “This game will challenge you" so don’t go expecting a walk in the park or anything. Psychofunk is expected to release in just under a month on June 2nd at a price of $4.99, and you can pre-order it on the iOS App Store right now or pre-register for it on the Google Play Store for Android should you feel so inclined.