‘Crying Suns’ New Update Adds Cross Save Support for PC and Mobile

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Crying Suns ($8.99) from Alt Shift finally hit mobile published by Humble Games on both iOS and Android. It is an FTL-inspired tactical space game that originally released on PC via Steam. Read our review of the excellent mobile version here. After previously getting the big Crying Suns Advanced Tactics update a few months ago, Crying Suns just got a new update bringing in save transfer across mobile and PC platforms. In addition to save transfer, Crying Suns now pauses when entering the background as well. Check out the save transfer menu in the game below:

The save import and export functionality can be done from the options menu. You can export it to the files app on iOS and then access the save on PC manually. It isn’t seamless syncing through an account system but this is a much better solution than dealing with iTunes syncing or having no progress transfer at all like other games. Crying Suns from Humble Games is out now on iOS and Android as a premium release. Check it out on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. It is priced at $8.99 which is a lot less than the PC price of $24.99 on Steam. Check out our forum thread for it here. Have you played Crying Suns on mobile or PC yet?

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