Reno the Bounty Hunter Arrives in ‘Brawlhalla’ as the Cross-Platform Fighter’s 53rd Legend

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Our old friend the cross-platform arena fighter Brawhalla has had quite the busy 2021 so far. It also had a busy 2020, and 2019, and 2018 for that matter, but let’s just focus on this current year, shall we? In January it welcomed its 52nd Legend, aka new original fighter Magyar, a haunted suit of armor. Yeah that’s right I said a haunted suit of armor. In February the Jötunn Winter Battle Pass Season 3 arrived with TONS of new goodies, and then in March the game kicked off an Epic Crossover with characters from the Kung Fu Panda series. That brings us to April and the arrival of the 53rd Legend in the game, Reno the Bounty Hunter. Here’s a trailer for old Reno.

Am I the only one taken aback by Lord Vraxx’s extremely well-sculpted derrière? Anyway, Reno’s main offense comes from his four six-shooter-style laser blasters, which he can use all at once because he’s an insect with four arms, and an orb named Orbot who can be used as a lasso and more. Reno also has three different skins: Ferrymoth Reno, Widowmaker Reno, and Desperado Reno. Those who want to pick up this latest Legend can do so for 7200 Gold, with the three skins setting you back 140 Mammoth Coins each. If you somehow haven’t played Brawlhalla before, well, it’s available on basically every game platform you can think of and is totally free, so right now is as good a time as any to give it a whirl with the arrival of Reno.

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