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‘Santorini: Pocket Game’ is a Casual Resort Management Game Launching this Month, Available for Pre-Order Now

Given our pandemic-stricken lifestyles of the past year-plus, who couldn’t use a vacation to a gorgeous Greek isle right about now? Well, the reality of that fantasy might be a ways off still, but Dark Sword developer Nanoo Company is hoping they can offer the next best thing. They have a new mobile game coming out soon titled Santorini: Pocket Gam‪e, and as that name suggests it revolves around visiting the breathtaking island of Santorini. It’s a resort management-style game but modeled after the more casual style of idle management that Nanoo is well-versed in. You’ll be able to create your own village, building hotels to attract tourists and building restaurants and shops to increase your revenue.

Santorini: Pocket Gam‪e‬ will feature more than 200 different buildings and landmarks that you can unlock and upgrade to perfect your little virtual slice of heaven, including cool new tourist destinations and activities. You’ll also be able to upgrade the airport and the harbor in an effort to increase plane and cruise ship travel to your vacation destination. It all seems super laid back and chill, like I imagine Santorini itself would be like in real life. Santorini: Pocket Gam‪e‬ will be free to play, naturally, and is expected to launch in just a couple of weeks on April 27th. You can pre-order it on the App Store now or head over to our forums for some discussion until then.