‘Shrouded Citadel’, the 1:1 Scale AR Escape Room Dungeon, is Launching Soon on Android and iOS

Shrouded Citadel, Pifer Studios’ immersive Augmented Reality dungeon adventure, will be available soon on Google Play and the App Store and invites gamers to “play different”. In this highly engaging first-person AR game, you step into the mysterious Citadel with only one goal – to somehow make it out alive.

With its hypnotic 3D environment that lures you in with every step, Shrouded Citadel makes sure that you’re really all-in, as players will have to crouch, lean, aim, and run to survive the traps littered inside the dungeon. You’ll encounter a wide variety of puzzles along the way and solve brainteasers to collect idols you need to progress through the floors. But as the Citadel reveals more of its secrets, you’ll find yourself discovering entities that may or may not be out to get you. You’d best get your plasma cannon ready, because those whispers echoing against the walls may not always be on your side.

Shrouded Citadel is meant to be played in a wide, open space with preferably no real-world obstacles to keep players safe at all times during 1:1 scale movements. You can visit the official website to stay updated on the latest developments and experience a different kind of AR adventure once it releases on iOS and Android soon.


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