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‘Say No! More’ Says Yes to an April 9th Release Date on iOS, Switch, and PC

Back in November of 2019, we took our first look at the very silly and very weird upcoming game Say No! More from Studio Fizbin, creators of the excellent The Inner World point-and-click adventure games. In Say No! More you’d play as a lowly intern at a company that just doesn’t appreciate you or value you as a person. Your coworkers are jerks, your boss is a jerk, and they all try to take advantage of your good nature and desire to please by asking you to do all sorts of annoying tasks. You eventually get fed up with how you’re treated and go on a rampage through the office yelling NO! into the face of any person who callously asks you to do something. Basically, after being a doormat for most of your life, Say No! More empowers you to finally stand up for yourself. Studio Fizbin and publisher Thunderful have packaged this revolutionary service into informercial form to show you the virtues of saying No! more and to finally provide a release date for the game.

This game, you guys. This game is so weird. Studio Fizbin is going all in on it being a game, too, and have dubbed it an NPG or a No-playing game. You’ll be able to say No! in multiple ways to create different reactions from your coworkers, and you’re even able to charge-up your No! to release a booming version that will blow away anyone and anything in your path. There’s also a variety of different ways to irritate your coworkers as well as full character customization so you can truly live vicariously through the game and tell your boss off without the fear of being fired from your actual job in real life. Also you can make friends on your lunchbreak! I still don’t totally understand what the heck Say No! More is all about, but I’ve been loving the trailers and the premise since first hearing about it, so I’m looking forward to the game launching on iOS, Switch, and PC on April 9th. It’ll be a paid game and comes in at $15 on PC and Switch whereas on iOS it’ll be a cool $6.