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‘Ultimate Rivals: The Court’ Brings ‘NBA Jam’ Style Arcade Basketball to Apple Arcade Later this Year

During The Game Awards back in December of 2019, Bit Fry Studios announced a new game for Apple Arcade called Ultimate Rivals: The Rink. The idea was that sports superstars from a variety of professional leagues, like the NBA, NHL, and MLB, would come together in a singular game of arcade-style hockey, and you could fulfill whatever wacky inter-sport dream matchups you could think of based off of the pros available in the game. Ultimate Rivals: The Rink was probably the most well-regarded sports title on Apple Arcade, but it was just the first in a planned series of sports crossover titles. Following the hockey outing of The Rink will be basketball with the just-announced Ultimate Rivals: The Court coming to Apple Arcade later this year.

It’s impossible to think of an over-the-top arcade-style 3-on-3 basketball game and not think of NBA Jam, and naturally Ultimate Rivals: The Court will be channeling some major NBA Jam energy with massive dunks, fast and loose gameplay, and even legendary NBA Jam announcer Tim Kitzrow on commentary. Like with The Rink, non-basketball players will have special abilities associated with their regular sport, which is why you’ll see Javier Baez slam home a dunk using a baseball bat or Jamie Benn doing a 360 alleyoop using a hockey stick. More surprises will be unveiled in the coming months according to the game’s press release, so keep your eye on the game’s official website in the meantime and look for Ultimate Rivals: The Court on Apple Arcade later this year.