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‘Cozy Grove’ from ‘Triple Town’ Developer Spry Fox is Coming to Apple Arcade

Developer Spry Fox first became a household name (at least around my household) when I became borderline obsessed with their game Triple Town nearly a decade ago, a matching/city-builder hybrid that featured an absolutely brilliant match-and-merge mechanic (though it sure could use an update for modern devices, hint hint Spry Fox). They’ve released a number of games in addition to Triple Town over the years, though being a tiny studio that focuses on quality over quantity they tend to be few and far between. However, in the first half of last year they did announce an ambitious-looking new project called Cozy Grove that was described as “a life-sim game about camping on a haunted, ever-changing island." In it you’d play as a Spirit Scout who would explore the island’s forest each day discovering secrets and helping the local ghosts find peace in the afterlife. This is the teaser video for Cozy Grove that was released last fall.

While Cozy Grove had been announced for PC initially and later on was confirmed for console release too, today it has also been made official that the game will be coming to iOS via Apple Arcade. There is now an official banner for Cozy Grove under the Coming Soon section in the Apple Arcade portion of the App Store, which you can get to using this link. As with all games that are coming soon to Apple Arcade you can click to be notified of its release, and while Apple has seemingly stripped out the meta data that used to give us a planned release date for upcoming Arcade releases, the way Cozy Grove is situated between other upcoming Arcade games makes me think that it will be launching sometime in the next month or so. The Cozy Grove Twitter officially says it’s coming this Spring, so perhaps in the later portion of next month. Whenever the release may be Cozy Grove looks really cool and Spry Fox’s pedigree already has me sold, so look forward to it hitting Apple Arcade in the near future.