The Years-in-the-Making Paladin Update is Finally Coming to ‘Wayward Souls’ February 4th

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Back in October Rocketcat Games released the big KIDNEY update for their road trip survival game Death Road to Canada, which just so happened to be our Game of the Year back in 2017. Alongside that update they also teased that a big update was in the works for another of our Game of the Year picks, 2014’s Wayward Souls. Besides saying it was a “very big update" there were no details on what the mysterious Wayward Souls update could be, but I speculated at the time that it might finally be the long-awaited Paladin class update to the game. And it turns out that is exactly the case! Rocketcat has confirmed to us today that on February 4th the Paladin will be added to Wayward Souls on iOS.

You may recall that the Paladin is the character you play as during the tutorial, and is actually quite overpowered compared to the other classes in the game. Because of this the Paladin will have his own all new dungeon with its own difficulty mode. Plans to bring the Paladin in as a proper full playable character date all the way back to when Wayward Souls first released in 2014, close to 7 whole years ago. Rocketcat teased in December of 2016 that the Paladin update would arrive in early 2017, and that May we got a glimpse of the Paladin in action who actually did make his way into the PC version of the game.

Back in March of 2019 Wayward Souls was finally updated for modern iOS device screen sizes, and Rocketcat’s plan at that time was to see how many people updated their copy of the game to gauge whether there was still enough interest to finish up and release the Paladin update. Spoiler alert: There was not as much interest as they hoped. Given that, I had made peace with the fact that we’d likely never see the Paladin on mobile, so for it to finally be happening is very exciting indeed.

Oh, and as per Rocketcat’s tradition, this update also means that Wayward Souls will increase its price by one dollar, from $6.99 to $7.99. Their mantra for a long time was to never have sales on iOS and instead increase the price of their games by a dollar each time a significant content update was released. That way you rewarded those who bought your games early on but also charged for the time and effort of adding in new content for those who bought the game at a later price. It’s really the way game pricing should be, but mostly isn’t. This tactic has worked well for Rocketcat over the years, but after seeing good things happen by joining in on the various seasonal sales with their PC games, they’ve finally decided to start having sales on their iOS games too.

No word on when those iOS game sales might happen but expect it at some point this year. And expect the Paladin update for Wayward Souls on iOS to hit in just a couple of weeks on February 4th.

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