Retro Radish-Based Platformer ‘Dadish 2’ Is Out Now on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch

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Tom Young (CatCup Games) brought Dadish (Free) to the App Store a little while ago letting players take the role of a radish who is a dad to try and rescue his children in a challenging retro platformer. Dadish was a fun and challenging experience with great controls. Late last month, Tom Young revealed Dadish 2 for iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch with pre-orders and pre-registrations ahead of its release date. Today, Dadish 2 has gone live on all three platforms. Dadish 2 aims to be bigger and better than the original with 50 levels, 5 new bosses, controller support, and more. Watch the trailer for it below:

As expected from CatCup Games, Dadish 2 looks excellent in motion across its varied environments and it also has the same charming writing you’d expect after Dadish. On iOS and Android, Dadish 2 is free with a single in app purchase to remove ads. On Nintendo Switch, Dadish 2 is a fully premium release. If you’d like to check it out, you can get Dadish 2 on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here for free. It has a single in app purchase priced at $2.99 to remove ads. Dadish 2 is also available on Nintendo Switch for $9.99 right now. Check out our forum thread for Dadish 2 here for more discussion. If you’ve been wanting some Dadish merchandise, Tommy is looking into it. Did you play Dadish on any platform?

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    He’s a dad, and a radish, and he’s back in his biggest adventure yet! After an impromptu “Bring Your Kids To Work …
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