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‘Dadish’ is the Radish-Based Platformer You’ve Always Wanted, Coming to iOS and Android February 12th

I love platforming games and I love reasonably amusing wordplay. And if you can combine those two loves together into one, then hoo boy do you have my attention. So it’s probably no surprise that I’m all giddy about a new platformer called Dadish, which is about a radish who is a dad. This is no ordinary radish dad though, as this dad has 40 children who have unfortunately all gone missing. That would be a tragedy in any other context, but here it’s simply an excuse to run and jump through 40 levels of platforming goodness while you track down all those lost little ones. Along the way you’ll need to negotiate hazards, defeat fast-food enemies, and do some light puzzle solving in order to reach the lost child at the end of each level. Why fast food? Because it’s unhealthy, and radishes are super healthy, I think. Also there’s four “tasty" bosses you’ll have to defeat during the course of the game. Here is a trailer for Dadish showing just how darn cute and silly this game is.

One of the other really cool features in Dadish is its control scheme, which is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. In practice that means an invisible control stick that works wherever you place your thumb on the left side of the screen and controls your left/right movement by simply sliding your thumb back and forth. The entire right side of the screen is just one big invisible button for jumping and double jumping. Nice and simple. Other features as listed by developer CatCup Games aka Tom Young of Fowlst and Super Fowlst fame include “Collectable stars; Unlockable secrets; A pretty good soundtrack I guess; A screechy possum; Dialog that is funny, but not TOO funny" and more. So if you’re a fan of platforming and dad jokes like I am, you can pre-order Dadish on the App Store right now ahead of its February 12th release, or just wait for it to come out the old fashioned way in just under a month’s time.