Platform Fighter ‘Brawlhalla’ Welcomes its 52nd Legend, the Haunted Suit of Armor Named Magyar

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Brawlhalla (Free) is the type of game that’s always up to something, whether it be special limited time events or more recently holiday celebrations, but it hasn’t launched a new playable character aka a new Legend since Mako the Shark back in early October. After a bit of teasing, this week developer Blue Mammoth Games lifted the curtain on a brand new Legend named Magyar, the 52nd Legend in the game. Magyar is a little different than your average Legend in that the actual character here is a spirit who is inhabiting a suit of armor to gain a physical form. This gives Magyar all sorts of otherworldly ways to attack, as you can see in the following launch trailer.

Brawlhalla has really become one of the more interesting competitive fighting games around, and that is especially true with it arriving on mobile devices in August of last year, reaching an enormous new audience of potential players and giving existing players one more extremely accessible way to play the game on the go. It’s one of the best examples of a totally free to play game doing it the right way, and as of this week there is a whopping 52(!) characters to play with. That’s nuts! If you haven’t given Brawlhalla a shot already and think you might enjoy a Super Smash Bros-esque platform fighting experience, give it a download for free on basically any platform you can think of.

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