Interactive Thriller ‘Erica’ Has Launched Early on the App Store as a Free to Start Release

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Back in 2019, Sony published the Flavourworks developed Erica – Interactive Thriller (Free) on PS4. Erica – Interactive Thriller is an FMV experience that uses Flavourworks’ own “Touch Video" technology technology that lets you interact and control parts of a video sequence. On PS4, this was done using the controller or through the Erica Companion App on mobile. Earlier this week, Flavourworks revealed that iOS players would be able to try Erica for free this Friday. As discovered by Brightsiderus in our forum, Erica – Interactive Thriller has gone live early on the App Store for free. Watch the Erica – Interactive Thriller PS4 trailer below:

Erica – Interactive Thriller is available now for free on the App Store. If you’d like to check it out, download it here. While it is a 1.6GB download initially, the game does prompt you to download more from within. Hopefully a post-launch update can allow for bulk downloading to save time in the future. My initial impressions are very good with how the interactions work during the scenes so far. I can’t wait to play more. The full game unlock is available as a $2.99 in app purchase. If you skipped it on PS4 or just want to see how it plays on a touchscreen, Erica – Interactive Thriller is out now on iOS. Check out our forum thread for more discussion and impressions around the FMV experience. Have you played Erica – Interactive Thriller on PS4?

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