A ‘Slay the Spire’ Board Game Is in the Works, Kickstarter Planned for This Spring

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Slay the Spire ($9.99) was one of the most anticipated iOS ports ever since it was announced. MegaCrit’s roguelike deckbuilder finally hit iOS and while the port has some problems that still haven’t been addressed, it is still great. Slay the Spire is available on consoles including Nintendo Switch and PC platforms in addition to iOS. It is being adapted into a board game by Contention Games. Slay the Spire: The Board Game will have its Kickstarter launching this Spring. Watch the launch trailer for the iOS version of Slay the Spire below:

Slay the Spire: The Board Game will support up to four players but also include a solo play mode. More information is not available right now. Check out the official Contention Games page for Slay the Spire: The Board Game here. If you’d like to play the game on iOS, Slay the Spire is available on the App Store for $9.99 as a universal game. Read my review of it here. Check out Shaun’s Switch review and our forum thread for Slay the Spire. Have you been playing it on iOS or another platform regularly?

[Source: Polygon]

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