Marvel and Kabam’s New Mobile Brawler ‘Marvel Realm of Champions’ is Now Available

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During New York Comic Con in October of last year developer Kabam and Marvel announced their intention to produce a new mobile project together following the runaway years-long success of their previous Marvel Contest of Champions. The new game would be called Marvel Realm of Champions and would again feature a huge roster of Marvel characters, but instead of the 1-on-1 fighting of Contest of Champions it would feature MOBA-style team battling. Nearly a year later this past August, we finally got our first look at actual gameplay in Marvel Realm of Champions as well as a look at the extensive character customization you’d be able to achieve with your team, an aspect that was further highlighted in a trailer from last month when the game went up for pre-registration. We also learned that the game would be launching on December 16th, which is tomorrow, but it looks like Marvel Realm of Champions just couldn’t wait and has snuck out about a day early.

The game is free to play, as you could probably expect given Marvel Contest of Champions, and you can download it right now on the Apple App Store if you’re on iOS or on the Google Play Store if you’re on Android. One of the core concepts of Marvel Realm of Champions is aligning yourself with one of the various Houses in the game and then teaming up with your fellow House members to battle it out for supremacy. With the game arriving a bit early this is a nice chance to secure your desired in-game player name and suss out which House you want to be a part of. If you do give Marvel Realm of Champions a spin, be sure to drop by our forums to leave your thoughts about it.

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