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‘Marvel Realm of Champions’ is Launching December 16th, Pre-Registration with Rewards Available Now

It was just over a year ago when Marvel and developer Kabam announced their new mobile collaboration Marvel Realm of Champions during the New York Comic Con event, a follow-up to their extremely fruitful previous collaboration Marvel Contest of Champions. Rather than a straight up fighting game though, Marvel Realm of Champions would feature arena-style combat similar to the MOBA genre. It sounded cool but we really didn’t have any idea what Marvel Realm of Champions would actually be like until just a couple of months ago in August when Kabam released the first gameplay trailer of the game in action. Now in addition to just sounding cool, it also looked cool. Well the next phase in us getting to actually play Marvel Realm of Champions is finally here as Marvel and Kabam have announced a December 16th release date across both iOS and Android.

One of the big focuses in Marvel Realm of Champions is unlocking gobs of new gear and then fully customizing the heroes on your roster, and you can see that in practice in the trailer above. You also probably noticed that a pre-registration campaign is live right now, and you can pre-register for the game over on its official website and you’ll get some exclusive perks when the game launches next month. (Make sure you accept their site’s cookies for it to work. I spent more time than I care to admit figuring this out.) I was a super big fan of Marvel Contest of Champions a few years back, and while I definitely prefer a fighting game to a MOBA I think Marvel Realm of Champions looks really fun and has some serious potential if Kabam can insert that same special sauce from Realm of Champions in the combat and progression system here. I’ll definitely be looking forward to next month.