Mini Metro’s Final Update of 2020 Adds the New Chicago Map

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Dinosaur Polo Club previously announced big updates coming to the fantastic Mini Metro ($3.99) with the first one hit back in October ini the form of update 1.43 that brought in Lagos, Nigeria and Santiago, Chile. Mini Metro is a game that is perfect on touchscreens and it has been an absolute joy to play on iOS. Over the weekend, Mini Metro 1.45 went live on iOS bringing in Chicago. The highlight feature of the Chicago map is the L (elevated rapid transit system). Chicago is the 25th map in Mini Metro now and Dinosaur Polo Club says it is one of the most requested maps so far. Mini Metro 1.45 is the game’s final update for 2020 as well. Chicago is available on iOS right now in Mini Metro and you can unlock it by scoring 200 on London, Paris, or New York City. This Chicago update is out now on iOS but it hasn’t rolled out on Android as of this writing.

As with prior updates, the Nintendo Switch update will arrive eventually because it isn’t directly handled by Dinosaur Polo Club. If you’ve not played Mini Metro yet, read Shaun’s glowing review of it. If you’re on Android, it is also available in Google Play Pass in addition to Google Play. If you’re on Apple Arcade, you can play Dinosaur Polo Club’s newest game Mini Motorways. Read about that here. If you’re on Steam, Mini Metro now has Steam Workshop support which allows player-created maps and much more. Read about that here. It is going to be interesting to see how Mini Metro evolves in 2021. I can’t wait to see what Dinosaur Polo Club brings to this superb game. Do you still play Mini Metro often?

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