‘Pokemon GO’ Tour: Kanto Virtual Event Announced for February 2021 with Pokemon from the Kanto Region and More

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Niantic is celebrating the anniversary of Pokemon and the upcoming anniversary of Pokemon GO (Free) with the Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto. This virtual event will take place in February 2021 and it will be a global event similar to the Pokemon GO Fest last Summer. The Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto will be a 12 hour long virtual event featuring all 150 Pokemon discovered in the Kanto region available as Shiny Pokemon. This includes some that have never been available as Shiny Pokemon before. For the virtual event, there will be two different tickets available. A Red Version and Green Version with exclusive Pokemon available. The tickets will be available for $11.99 and early purchases include tickets for Special Research stories in January and February during the community days which take place on January 16th and February 7th respectively.

Barring the incentives to buy a ticket for the Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto, all trariners will see Pokemon originally discovered in the Kanto region appear in th wild and in raids. The Articuno, Zapdos, Moltrs, and Mewto Legendary Raids will also return with access to event-exclusive Timed Research. The Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto will take place on Saturday February 20th, 2021 from 9 AM to 9 PM local time. Tickets can be purchased from within the game by tapping on the Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto image. Pokemon GO is now available worldwide on iOS and Android for free. Head over to our forum thread for more discussion around Pokémon GO. It is available for free on iOS and Android. What do you think of how Niantic handled Pokemon GO this year with many people being at home or indoors?

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