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Rayark’s Rhythm Game ‘DEEMO -Reborn-‘ Now Available for Pre-Order on iOS and Android, Launching in December

Rayark’s DEEMO rhythm game has been quite a success since originally arriving on iOS and Android devices way back in 2013. We loved the original DEEMO in our review from back then, and a few years later Rayark released an enhanced version of that game for the PlayStation Vita titled DEEMO: Last Recital and then they brought the game over to the Nintendo Switch not long after in 2017. Following that Switch release Rayark announced that they were doing a full 3D remake of DEEMO for the PlayStation 4 titled DEEMO -Reborn- and that it would come complete with PS VR support. That remake released on PS4 in November of last year, and then made its way to Steam just a couple of months ago. Now the latest destination for DEEMO -Reborn- will officially be iOS and Android, and Rayark has announced that pre-ordering for both platforms has gone live today.

DEEMO -Reborn- is available for pre-order on the iOS App Store for $2.99 with an expected release date of December 18th, and Android players can pre-register on the Google Play Store as well. It’s not surprising that DEEMO -Reborn- has found its way to mobile given the game’s roots on iOS and Android, and of course we can’t forget that there’s also a sequel brewing which Rayark originally unveiled in December of last year and then opened Android pre-registration in May. Also, were you aware that there’s a DEEMO movie currently being made? And I guess a manga too? Pretty cool stuff. If you were a fan of the original DEEMO on mobile and have been hoping to play the remake on this same platform, or if you’ve played the remake on another platform and just wanted a version for your pocket, be sure to check out DEEMO -Reborn- when it arrives on iOS and Android next month.