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Upcoming Card-Based Dungeon Crawler ‘Card Hog’ is Looking for Beta Testers

Developer SnoutUp has released many pig-related video games over the years. I mean with a name like SnoutUp that has to be a given, right? Well their latest pig-based game is also a card-based game and it’s a riff on card dungeon crawlers with specific inspiration from games like Look Your Loot and Dungeon Cards. It’s called Card Hog and it’ll feature multiple playable characters that each come with their own unique set of cards that typically include a basic weapon, a secondary weapon, and a skill and they will also each have a unique passive ability making playing as each a unique experience. You can see some early footage of Card Hog on mobile in action in the following gameplay trailer.

Card Hog has already launched on PC via Steam’s Early Access program back in June and it has been very positively received over there so far. Currently the game is made up of just an endless mode but SnoutUp is finalizing the details of what will be in the release version of the game, and this will likely include a “less endless mode in which you have an option to repeat the run with added difficulty modifier" as well as options for playing with different grid sizes and possibly even a story mode. Basically the core of Card Hog is already there and really good and the possibilities are endless for what can be added based on player feedback. If you want to be part of that feedback head over to our forums to find a Testflight link for the game and leave some feedback there for what you’d like to see in Card Hog when it launches early next year.