‘Pokemon GO’ GO Beyond Update with Pokemon from the Kalos Region, an Increased Level Cap, Seasons, and More Is Coming Later This Month

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Niantic just announced big plans for Pokemon GO (Free) beginning the week of November 30th ini the form of GO Beyond. Pokemon GO GO Beyond will see changes come to the game with how trainers level up, experience events, and more. In terms of new content, Pokemon from the Kalos region will also be coming to Pokemon GO soon. The level cap will be increased to 50 with the levelling up getting rebalanced. Trainers who aren’t at 40 yet will have an easier time reaching higher levels as well. Pokemon GO will be getting Seasons as a replacement for events in-game with the first one beginning on December 1st in the form of the Season of Celebration that will be followed by a new global event experience. Watch the Pokemon GO GO Beyond trailer below:

Pokemon GO will have Pokemon from the Kalos region beginning December 2nd. A 12 Days of Friendship begins today with bonuses for trainers and there are more plans for December. Every three months, a new season begins in Pokemon GO with different Pokemon appearing in the wild, Pokemon changing depending on the hemisphere you are in, different forms of Deerling appearing, different in-game events based on Seasons, new features and content coming in regularly. Head over to our forum thread for more discussion around Pokémon GO. It is available for free on iOS and Android. What do you think of how Niantic handled Pokemon GO this year with many people being at home or indoors?

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