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Sci-Fi FMV Experience ‘The Complex’ from Wales Interactive Is Coming to iOS and Android Next Month

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FMV or full motion video games have been coming to mobile alongside PC and consoles over the years. They are great to experience on touchscreens as in the case of Death Come True and Wales Interactive has published some interesting ones over the years. The Shapeshifting Detective ($4.99) is one of the FMV games I’ve enjoyed over the years. Today, Wales Interactive revealed The Complex for mobile platforms. It debuted on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One earlier this year. The Complex is a choose your own adventure style interactive movie that follows Amy tenant who is trapped with another scientist after a major biological weapon attack on London. Watch the trailer for it below:

The Complex features relationship and personality tracking through decisions made and these affect the story and how some ending moments play out going by Wales Interactive. I haven’t played The Complex yet but the trailer made me very interested in checking it out when it arrives on December 3rd for both iOS and Android. Pre-orders aren’t live yet for The Complex on mobile. Check out the official website for it here and Steam page here. If you’d like to get one of Wales Interactive’s other FMV experiences before this one releases, check out The Shapeshifting Detective. What is your favourite FMV experience on mobile?

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