‘Samorost 2’ from Amanita Design Just Got a Surprise Release on the App Store and Google Play to Celebrate the Game’s 15th Anniversary

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Back in 2016, Amanita Design brought Samorost 3 ($5.99) to the App Store in addition to other platforms. Samorost 2 ($1.99) on the other hand, was never on mobile. That changed today because Amanita Design celebrates the 15th anniversary of Samorost 2 with not just a huge update to the PC version but also an iOS and Android release. Samorost 2 is Amanita Design’s first new release since Pilgrims and Creaks on Apple Arcade. Samorost 2 is a story about a space gnome whose dog has been kidnapped by aliens. The gnome is on a journey to rescue the dog in this adventure. Watch the Samorost 2 launch trailer for this update and the mobile version below:

On PC, Samorost 2 now has high resolution assets, re-recorded and improved sounds, full-screen visuals, modern save system, zooming, and more. These are all included in the iOS and Android versions from the get go. With Samorost 2 on the App Store, all Amanita Design’s Steam releases are now available on iOS through individual releases or Apple Arcade releases. If you’ve already bought Samorost 2 on PC, this update is free. If you haven’t, Samorost 2 is available on Steam, GOG,, the Mac App Store, Humble Store, and directly from Amanita Design for $4.99 now. Check out the official website here. If you’d like to check it out on mobile, you can buy Samorost 2 on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. It is priced at $2.99 on both platforms. I’m definitely going to dig into this over the weekend. What is your favourite Amanita Design release?

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