GameClub’s First PC-to-Mobile Port ‘Chook & Sosig: Walk the Plank’ is Now Available

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GameClub has spent the past year-plus, and much longer than that if you take into account the six-month open beta period, bringing some of the best games to ever release on mobile back from the dead, updated and ready to rock once again on all of today’s modern devices. It’s been a fantastic ride so far, and I’ve had an enormous amount of fun revisiting so many of the mobile games I’ve loved over the past 13+ years that had been lost to the wind. However, as great as GameClub’s resurrection efforts have been, they also have their sights set on other goals, some of which they laid out back in September.

Part of that “next phase" of GameClub was to bring entirely brand new content to existing games in their catalog, and that effort kicked off in a big way with the new content for Breach & Clear that was released last week. The other part of that next phase is GameClub bringing critically-acclaimed PC games to mobile, and that officially kicks off today with the release of the point-and-click adventure Chook & Sosig: Walk the Plank from solo developer TookiPalooki. Here the titular Chook & Sosig join up with a few friends to play a pirate-themed tabletop RPG, which means you as the player get to live out those fantasy adventures via point-and-click gameplay. Here’s a trailer.

Probably the coolest aspect about Chook & Sosig: Walk the Plank is its meta concept of you playing a game about a game that’s being played by people in the game you’re playing. This setup allows for some fantastic stuff to happen, like all the players at the table playing multiple character roles in the adventure which is charming, and the occasional flash back to the real world so the players can discuss what’s happening in the game. This all flavors the game in ways that wouldn’t be possible if it were your typical point-and-click adventure, and it’s easy to feel like you’re simply “part of the gang" as a bunch of friends get together and play through a tabletop game over the course of an evening. It’s comforting.

Those who are especially tuned into the indie scene may already know that this isn’t the first Chook & Sosig game, and that for the past several years TookiPalooki has been making various games and visual novels based on these characters, many of which you can find at her page if you want to explore further, though it’s certainly not necessary to enjoy Walk the Plank. Speaking of exploring further, GameClub has an excellent write-up on the game as well as an in-depth walkthrough if you need a little guidance. As with all GameClub games you can try out the first portion of Chook & Sosig: Walk the Plank for free as a demo if you aren’t currently a GameClub subscriber, so there’s no reason not to give it a try for yourself.

Alongside this new release, GameClub is also rolling out a slick new in-game dashboard system that’s along the lines of something like Xbox Live but for GameClub games. You can access this dashboard by tapping the GameClub logo on the title screen and it’ll bring up a screen where you can find all sorts of additional game suggestions based around what you already play as well as access to GameClub’s new achievement system. These achievements, or challenges as GameClub calls them, are currently implemented in The Heist, Chopper 2 and Chook & Sosig, but will be rolling out to more and more games over time. Basically this gives you a bunch of incentives to go back and play through some older mobile games even if you’ve played them before, similar to something like RetroAchievements in old console games.

It sounds like there’s a lot more planned for the in-game dashboard in the future too, so be sure to check it out when you download Chook & Sosig or any of the other GameClub games. If you’re not already a GameClub subscriber, you can do a one month trial for free on either iOS or Android by clicking the GameClub banner on the righthand side of our homepage or by clicking this link right here. It’ll give you full access to more than 100 classic games and, starting today, a critically-acclaimed PC game that’s never been on mobile before. Before long we should be seeing two more PC ports heading our way too, Ancestors Legacy and Tokyo 42, which you can catch a glimpse of in the trailer above. Beyond that, well, the sky’s the limit as to where GameClub will be going next.

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