GameClub Brings Brand New Content to Tactical Strategy Title ‘Breach & Clear’ for Their Subscribers

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We all know GameClub as the folks who have resurrected more than 100 of the very best mobile games to ever grace our touchscreens, spiffying them up for modern devices and giving players unlimited access to play them as part of a monthly subscription. They’ve even ensured that any previous owners can get the updated versions for free whether they subscribe to GameClub or not. All of this with no IAP, no ads, no online connection requirements, and none of the usual bull that we’ve come to expect from mobile gaming. I’ll just go ahead and say it: GameClub are modern day heroes. Ok maybe that’s a bit over the top, but seriously what they are doing is incredibly appreciated by folks like me who care about the legacy of mobile gaming and still want to enjoy the classic titles of yesterday.

However, upon the one-year anniversary of the GameClub service’s launch back in September, the company announced where they were hoping to go in their next phase that is beyond simply releasing existing games. The major part of that phase is hand-picking PC games that would be excellent fits on mobile, but whose developers don’t have the means to bring them to mobile themselves. We’ll be seeing some of those PC titles hitting GameClub before the end of the year, but the other part of their plan is bringing brand new content to existing games in their portfolio. This kicks off today with the arrival of a bunch of new content for the tactical strategy game Breach & Clear.

This update includes the new location Johannesburg which comes equipped with 3 maps. Each map will include terrorist hunt, bomb defusal, and escape plan missions at five levels of difficulty. There’s also 3 new achievement patches to earn and 5 new weapons and variants. Finally, starting with this update your gear and attachments will actually boost your stats so what you decide to equip to take into battle will have an impact on your performance. You can see all of this new stuff in action in the following trailer.

GameClub offers an even more detailed breakdown of all the new stuff, and the good news doesn’t stop here because this is just the first of three planned expansions for Breach & Clear. And all of this brand new content is exclusive to GameClub subscribers, it won’t be available in other versions of the game on other platforms, nor if you are a previous owner who isn’t a subscriber. The revenue from subscriptions is literally fueling this new content, and GameClub hopes to do a whole lot more of it in the future with even more games. If you have yet to try out GameClub for yourself, the best way to do that is via mashing the banner on our righthand sidebar and signing up for a free one-month trial which will allow you to experience this new Breach & Clear content as well as over 100 other classic mobile games.

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