Huge Update for Flinger Shoot ‘Em Up ‘Cookies Must Die’ Brings New Levels, Characters, Weapons, and More

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We’re pretty big fans of anything developer Rebel Twins puts out, and most recently that was a game called Cookies Must Die which launched on the App Store back in early February. The premise was silly, as is often the case with Rebel Twins, and centered around a cookie factory whose artificial intelligence goes haywire after the building is struck by lightning, and so the factory begins pumping out killer cookies that are armed to the teeth rather than the yummy treats it was designed to create. You play as a special government agent trained to handle these sort of… interesting situations, and you do this by flinging yourself around and unloading all manner of cool weaponry onto the vicious cookie freaks. It’s as awesome as it sounds! Well following that launch in February Rebel Twins now has a massive new update prepped for Cookies Must Die, and you can see everything it offers in the following trailer.

The update includes two brand new environments, Picnic Panic and Deadly Train, which feature new levels to play and 6 new enemy types to face off against. There are also a whopping 8 new playable characters, each with their own unique special attacks, and you’ll be able to unlock these characters by collecting all the map parts and winning the special battle. Rounding out this update are 7 new explosive gadgets and 7 new upgradeable weapons, unlockable in the game’s new Gadget/Armory Shop, and there’s also a new Health Room you can visit when you’re in need of some recovery. This update is available right now for the Android version on Google Play, and will be available this Thursday for the iOS version on the App Store. Cookies Must Die is fun and free so be sure to check out the new update.

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