Brand New Playable Character Annie of the Stars Arrives in ‘Skullgirls’ Mobile Version 4.4 Update

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Back in February Hidden Variable studios dropped a bombshell when they announced that a brand new playable character would be arriving for their mobile adaptation of the popular Skullgirls fighting game, and it’s been about two months since that fighter was announced to be Annie of the Stars, a peripheral character in the larger Skullgirls universe. Well today is finally the day, as version 4.4 of Skullgirls Mobile has gone live and Annie is officially part of the roster.

Annie is the first brand new playable character to be added to a Skullgirls game in more than 5 years, as all of the roster additions to the mobile version have been for characters who already existed in the console and PC Skullgirls. She won’t be staying mobile-exclusive forever though as the game’s publisher Autumn Games will be bringing her to Skullgirls 2nd Encore on other platforms early next year. As always you can find all of the nitty gritty details about Annie and the 4.4 update over on the official Skullgirls Mobile forums.

It’s also worth pointing out that, as many of you likely know already, there has been some major drama surrounding Skullgirls original developer Lab Zero Games and one of its founders. Since then the bulk of the employees at Lab Zero have struck out to form a new company, and both Hidden Variable and Autumn Games put out an official statement in August basically saying that Autumn is the sole owner and controller of the Skullgirls IP and that they’ll be moving forward with work on the mobile, console, and PC versions of the games without any involvement from Lab Zero whatsoever.

While the 4.4 update has gone live earlier today, the servers for Skullgirls Mobile are still down for maintenance as of this writing, getting everything in shape for Anne of the Star’s arrival. It shouldn’t be TOO long though before you can hop into the game and check her out, and keeping your eye on the Skullgirls Mobile Twitter account is a good way to know the instant the servers are back online.

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