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‘Postknight 2’ is in the Works and Taking Sign-Ups for a Closed Alpha Test Next Month

Back in February of 2017 developer Kurechii, who had already made a name for themselves with games like Tiny Guardians and King’s League, released a new game called Postknight to the App Store. Postknight expertly straddled the line between full-blown RPG and mindless idle game by including the progression systems and strategic choices of the former but packaging them in the easy to pick up and play bite-sized nature of the latter. The result was a game that was extremely difficult to put down once it sunk its teeth into you, and we picked Postknight as our Game of the Week when it released back then. If you enjoyed it like we did then you’ll be happy to learn (or perhaps you already know) that Kurechii is hard at work on Postknight 2 and have been revealing bits and pieces of it for the past several months, including these battle moves in the trailer below.

The really exciting news? Currently Kurechii is taking sign-ups for a private alpha test that they’ll be kicking off next month, so if you just can’t wait to get your hands on Postknight 2, then head over to this Google form and fill out your details to throw your hat in the ring in becoming a tester. Spots are limited, and they’ll be opened up on a rolling basis, so even if you don’t get in on day 1 you might get in sometime after. The testing will begin on October 22nd and end on November 22nd, and it’s for both iOS and Android. Go get yourself all signed up if you’re interested, otherwise look forward to Postknight 2 launching hopefully sometime in the very near future.