‘Crossfire: Warzone’s Latest Update Adds Cooperation with its Alliance Force System

Since releasing back in July of this year, Joycity and Smilegate’s strategy game Crossfire: Warzone has gone from strength to strength. This is thanks to a steady stream of updates the developers have put out and the latest adds the Alliance Force System. There are also a few other changes worth noting too.

This new system will encourage players to team up with lower-ranking alliances than their own. Through the Alliance Force System, they’ll be able to join with two of them to form a ‘Force’ to create a diplomatic relationship that will allow them to exchange gifts with each other. This will allow all members to grow and become stronger.

Players within their newly created ‘Force’ will also receive notifications – either in-game or through push alerts – whenever they’re under attack, efficiently warning every member of the impending danger.

The Alliance Force System isn’t the only change in the latest update, however. The benefits received from levelling up the Command Post have also been altered. Starting from level 22, players will receive additional buffs whenever the Command Post progresses to the next level.

For example, once players hit level 28, their base will receive a useful 10% increase to all of its stats. Then, at level 30 their Officer leadership benefits will also increase by 10%.

Lastly, there will now be more goodies on offer from the Milestone Reward System that will be given out for hitting certain Combat Power Milestones. Elsewhere a portion of the Dollars collected at Alliance Mineral Mines will now go directly to players.

If you’re a fan of strategy games but are yet to give Crossfire: Warzone a try, you can download it for free now on iOS and Android.


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