‘Otherworld Legends’ Updated with New Playable Witch Character and Wild West Environment

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It’s been just about a month since we chose Soul Knight developer ChillyRoom’s new title Otherworld Legends as our Game of the Week, and that choice has only been confirmed over and over again as this game just continues to impress and delight me with each passing day. It is seriously THAT good. Well actually it’s better than that good because this week a huge update was released for Otherworld Legends which added in a brand new playable character, a witch named Katherine, as well as some new Wild West-themed scenes to play through. Here are a couple of Twitter videos from ChillyRoom which show both Katherine and the new Wild West levels in action.

I guess it’s safe to say that fans of the team’s previous Soul Knight who were used to a constant influx of awesome new content can look forward to the same treatment from their new baby Otherworld Legends. Remarkably, the updates for Soul Knight are continuing to come in too, and the two games feel different enough from each other that it’s quite easy to just be a fan of both. Currently though, Otherworld Legends has won my heart the hardest. It’s just darn near everything I’ve ever wanted from roguelike dungeon crawler RPG whatchamacallit.

You might remember that initially players were turned off by the IAP implementation in Otherworld Legends, and that ChillyRoom admitted that they got the monetization wrong and were quickly working to make things right. Well they did just that only a few days after release, and now all the items and characters that were only unlockable with real money are now able to be unlocked by collecting enough in-game currencies. It’s basically on par with Soul Knight in terms of being a fair free to play game. They also went and compensated all players with some goodies to make up for their bungle.

So if you have not taken this one for a spin just yet, there is nothing to be afraid of now and I really look forward to watching how Otherworld Legends continues to shape up with future updates. Also be sure to join in on the lively discussion about this one in our forums.

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