‘DOOM’ and ‘DOOM II’ Get REKKR as an Add-on Today on All Platforms That Transforms the Game with a Norse Theme

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DOOM ($4.99) and DOOM II ($4.99) from Bethesda (and now Microsoft!) are fantastic conversions for all platforms. While the initial launch had issues, the ports have been improving over time on all platforms with enhancements, new features, and even support for curated add-ons. After both games returned to the App Store following their removal, a new add-on has gone live as an optional download in-game. The last major update added support for DeHackEd and this allows add-ons that completely transform the game. The first new add-on following the update is REKKR by Matthrew “Revae" Little. Watch the REKKR trailer below:

REKKR for DOOM and DOOM II brings a norse theme where you play as a mighty warriors. The add-on is a small download of under 40MB in both DOOM and DOOM II. You can download it for free after linking your account to the game. Bethesda also has an interview with REKKR lead creator which you can read here. When DOOM and DOOM II got the big new launches on all systems, I expected the games to get fixed to address issues. Bethesda have gone above and beyond bringing so much more to these releases. I definitely do not regret buying them on all systems the day they released. Have you played the new releases of DOOM and DOOM II on iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, or any other platform yet?

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