The Sublime ‘Skate City’ on Apple Arcade is Updated with a New Level Based on Miami, Florida

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In case you were wondering, because I’m SURE you are, my far and away most played Apple Arcade game to date is Skate City from Norwegian developer Agens Games and Alto’s Adventure creators Snowman. And I mean it’s not even close. I couldn’t begin to count the hours I’ve put into Skate City since it launched alongside Apple Arcade about a year ago. Agens are the creators of Skate Lines, a 2015 mobile skateboarding game that I was borderline obsessed with back then. Skate City was originally going to be Skate Lines 2, announced in early 2016, but when Snowman hopped onboard in early 2017 the scope of the game expanded and it changed into Skate City, and the rest is history.

Skate City is like a perfect evolution of the winning formula Agens struck with Skate Lines. It features an incredibly deep trick system that takes some time and effort to really learn but when you do it works extremely well on the touchscreen. It’s also a visual treat with fantastic lighting effects and really cool environments to skate in that are based on three real-world locations: Los Angeles, Barcelona, and the developer’s home city of Oslo, Norway. Today a major update has arrived for Skate City which adds a brand new location to that list, and it’s the sunny beach city of Miami, Florida. Check it out.

A new city obviously brings with it new obstacles and terrain to skate, and Miami definitely brings a bunch of unique things to the table that aren’t featured in previous cities. Just from my few passes through the entire level so far I’ve already seen some things that made me think “Oh yeah, I’m coming back to session that." This new level also comes equipped with 60 new challenges and 30 new goals, so if you’re like me and like to mix in some goal-accomplishing in between your massive free skating sessions, then these are for you. If you’re an Apple Arcade subscriber and haven’t checked out Skate City yet for whatever reason, let this new Miami level be your catalyst for finally doing so.

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