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Ubisoft Is Bringing the Platform Fighter ‘Brawlhalla’ to Mobile in 2020 on iOS and Android

Ubisoft and Blue Mammoth Games are bringing the popular free to play platform fighter Brawlhalla to iOS and Android next year. Brawlhallais currently available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC as a free to play release. Gameplay is similar to Super Smash Bros. where you try and launch opponents off the screen out of bounds. The Brawlhalla World Championship just took place in Atlanta where Ubisoft announced the mobile version with some interesting details about the mobile port. In terms of content, Brawlhalla on mobile will include over 47 legends with single player and co-op modes. There will be both online and local competitions available and the crossover content will also be included. Watch the trailer below:

Brawlhalla at launch on iOS and Android will support cross-play with the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Recently, The Undertaker and more from WWE were added to the game on other platforms. It is worth noting that cross-play does not mean cross-save. You will likely need to buy content on mobile again unlike games like Fortnite or Minecraft. You can sign up for the closed beta of Brawlhalla on mobile here. Check it out on Steam here. Brawlhalla launches in 2020 for iOS and Android. Have you played it on any other platform before?