‘Company of Heroes’ for iPhone and Android Is Out Now Worldwide with iCloud Save Backup on iOS

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A few days ago, Feral Interactive posted an extended look at Company of Heroes ($13.99) on iPhone and Android showcasing the interface and how the game scales down to a smaller display. The company already brought Sega and Relic’s RTS classic to iPad in an excellent conversion that almost felt too good to be true when it was initially announced. Read my review of the iPad version here. Over the last week, I’ve been replaying the opening hours of Company of Heroes on iPhone 11 and it has been an awesome experience. I played the game on an older iPad Pro for review and everything is more responsive on my iPhone 11. It runs at 60fps without battery saver mode turned on and loads much quicker than the iPad Pro. I was a bit concerned with the interface but there are some new control options to try for interactions that help a lot.

The command wheel and command panel options are still available even on iPhone. You can change this at anytime. It is worth trying both of them out to see how you feel before getting into the campaign. To prevent your fingers covering the interface, Company of Heroes can show you a larger version of the icon you have selected. This is something Slay the Spire needs on iPhone. So far, I’m very impressed with Feral Interactive’s conversion yet again. I hope this does well enough so we get the multiplayer mode and additional content not in the base game as of now. As a part of today’s universal update, the game also gets some more features like a cheat to unlock all missions, some unit improvements, and more. Watch the launch trailer below:

If you already own it on iOS, Company of Heroes is now a universal game so you get the iPhone version for free and you can continue thanks to iCloud save support. If you haven’t bought it yet on any mobile platform, you can buy Company of Heroes on the App Store for $13.99 right now. Check it out on Google Play here (It is still rolling out worldwide on Android). Supported iOS and Android devices for Company of Heroes are here. For iPhone, it runs on all iPhones since the iPhone 6s. Check out our forum thread for it here. Have you played Company of Heroes on iPad yet or were you waiting on the iPhone and Android version?

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