‘Jenny LeClue – Detectivu’ on Apple Arcade from Mografi Is Getting a Big Update Soon and the Developers Are Looking for Beta Testers

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Ever since Apple Arcade launched, Jenny LeClue – Detectivu () from Mografi is one of my favourite games on the service. It is an excellent adventure game that has only improved with every update. Check out our review of it here. With updates bringing in Halloween cosmetics, full voice acting, and more, the team isn’t done with the game yet. Over the weekend, Mografi announced a new update for Jenny LeClue – Detectivu with big changes to the save system. The update will add save slots for up to 7 games and will continue to support iCloud save syncing. Mografi is looking for testers to help try this out ahead of release. If you missed the voice acting update, check out a video from it below:

Jenny LeClue – Detectivu is available as part of Apple Arcade, on PC, and on Nintendo Switch. If you’re interested in beta testing the update and are on Apple Arcade, check out the sign up link here. If you’re selected, the developers will send over a build on TestFlight. If you haven’t played Jenny LeClue – Detectivu yet and are subscribed to Apple Arcade, check it out here on the App Store. Here’s our dedicated Apple Arcade forum and here’s our thread for Jenny LeClue – Detectivu. Have you played Jenny LeClue – Detectivu on any platform yet?

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