‘Jenny LeClue – Detectivu’ Is Getting Full Voice Acting This Friday with the ‘Jenny LeClue: Spoken Secrets Edition’ Update for Free on All Platforms

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Jenny LeClue – Detectivu () from Mografi is an excellent adventure game that arrived in Apple Arcade last year. We enjoyed it quite a bit as you can see in our review here. Since launch, it has been updated with various new features and fixes like achievements, Halloween cosmetics, and more. Over the weekend, Mografi announced a voice acting update for Jenny LeClue – Detectivu in the form of Jenny LeClue: Spoken Secrets Edition that releases on Apple Arcade and PC platforms at the same time. This update is free for all existing players as well. Watch a short video showcasing the voice acting below:

Jenny LeClue – Detectivu is available as part of Apple Arcade and on PC via Steam and GOG. It is also coming to Nintendo Switch soon. Jenny LeClue – Detectivu will be updated on July 24th for free with full voice acting on all platforms. If you haven’t played it yet and are subscribed to Apple Arcade, check it out here on the App Store. Here’s our dedicated Apple Arcade forum and here’s our thread for Jenny LeClue – Detectivu. Have you played Jenny LeClue – Detectivu yet?

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