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The Excellent ‘Forager’ from HopFrog and Humble Games Releases Later This Month on iOS and Android

When Forager developer HopFrog announced a mobile port in addition to various details for other platforms, I was pretty excited because Forager is excellent and I’ve put in too much time on Nintendo Switch. The original Forager debuted on PC before seeing Nintendo Switch and PS4 versions that Humble Bundle (now Humble Games) published before it finally arrived on Xbox One through Xbox Game Pass. With information on the mobile port scarce, HopFrog revealed that Forager on mobile would include all content and updates when it arrives on mobile “soon". Today, Humble Games has announced the release date for Forager on iOS and Android. A price point is yet to be revealed. Watch the Nintendo Switch trailer for Forager below:

In Forager, you start out with almost nothing on a small island and your aim is to forage and buy land. You also end up unlocking various skills and boosts for your character as you expand your islands and reach. There’s a lot of mystery and a nice narrative that slowly unfolds in the game. Since launch, Forager has gotten new play modes and a ton of extra content for the main game mode. I’m very curious to see how the controls have been adapted for touch. I hope it includes controller support and allows players who own it on PC and mobile to sync saves. As of now, Forager releases on September 24th for iOS and Android. Check out Forager on Steam ahead of its mobile release. Have you played the game on PC or console yet?