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‘Forager’ from HopFrog Is Coming to Mobile

Over the weekend, HopFrog announced various milestones for the survival crafting indie game Forager. Forager debuted on PC before seeing Nintendo Switch and PS4 versions that Humble Bundle published. I played it a bit on PC but really got into it on Nintendo Switch. If you enjoy Stardew Valley, Forager will be right up your alley if you enjoyed the crafting part of the former. Forager has you starting out with almost nothing on a small island. Your aim is to keep buying land around you and foraging for more materials to keep crafting and progressing in a narrative that slowly unfolds. The game core gameplay loop is awesome and my only complaint is the lack of updates for the Nintendo Switch version so far. Watch the trailer for it below:

The 1st anniversary announcement post has various bits of information about the game including a look to the future. The future will see console updates, an Xbox One version, and a mobile release. Forager has the potential to be huge on mobile just like Stardew Valley. I unlocked so much on Switch with automation to collecting items that it almost got too hectic to even continue playing. Forager on Switch already has touch controls for various things. I hope it arrives on mobile this year. Until then, I will keep playing it on Nintendo Switch. To celebrate the anniversary, the game is discounted on Steam right now for a limited time. Have you played Forager yet on Steam, PS4, or Nintendo Switch?