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‘Swim Out’ Developer’s Upcoming Tower Defense Puzzler ‘Rip Them Off’ Looking for Beta Testers

Early last month, the husband-and-wife developer duo known as Lozange Lab announced their new gaming project following their critically acclaimed logic puzzler Swim Out which launched on mobile back in 2017 but is now available on pretty much any platform you can think of. The new game is called Rip Them Off, and it’s a puzzler/tower defense game all about building storefronts, directing traffic, and manipulating people into spending all their hard-earned cash on stuff in your stores that they don’t really need. You’re trying to rip them off, it’s right there in the title! While that initial announcement trailer showed off what a stylish game Rip Them Off is going to be and what a cynical sense of humor it had towards corporate culture and consumerism, it definitely left some questions unanswered in terms of actual gameplay and mechanics. Since that time Lozange has put together this excellent 5-minute explainer going deeper into the mechanics of the game while showing off some actual gameplay.

Rip Them Off is looking like a very interesting game indeed, but also one that will certainly need to be balanced properly before release. And that’s where you can come in, dear reader. Lozange is currently taking sign-ups for a closed beta test that will take place ahead of the game’s September 24th launch. If you want to give the game an early spin, and you’re keen on providing actual feedback that the developers can use, then fill out this short questionnaire to sign up to become a potential tester. If you’d rather wait for the finished product however, as I mentioned before it’ll be coming on September 24th, and ahead of that time you can pre-order it on the iOS App Store here or if you’re a PC player you can Wishlist it on Steam here. I really can’t wait to get my hands on Rip Them Off in a little over a month’s time.