Atmospheric High Score Flinger ‘Light the Sea’ Updated with New Obstacles and Options

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Last month we checked out the trailer for a very stylish upcoming game called Light the Sea from solo developer Petr Pucek who goes by the moniker KetchiGames. Was Light the Sea breaking down barriers and redefining what you could expect from a digital video gaming experience? Nah, but it was built around a very simple set of mechanics that are tailor-made for the touchscreen and everything was executed with a high level of polish, and the game used a very atmospheric art style that I was a big fan of. When Light the Sea finally launched exactly a month ago today, it confirmed my suspicions of being a perfect little mobile game to bust out on a whim to kill a few minutes at a time. And to celebrate this one-month anniversary, KetchiGames has just released the first major update for Light the Sea, which you can see in action in the following trailer.

As you can see, there are some new obstacles in this update along with new bouncy mushrooms which create all sorts of pinball-like craziness. The games shop has also been redesigned and the options menu has been updated, with options for showing the touchpoint and inverting drag control now added. Light the Sea is free to download and play with a few IAP options for some permanent perks. The flicking mechanics work extremely well on the touchscreen, and I’m especially a fan of the new inverted drag controls as to me it feels more natural that way. Worth trying out both options to see which you prefer. So if you’re a fan of simple but well-made games that feel just right on mobile, there’s no reason not to check out the newly-updated Light the Sea.

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