Platform Arena Fighter ‘Brawlhalla’ is Out Now on iOS and Android with Full PC and Console Cross-Platform Online Play

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Last fall Ubisoft and Blue Mammoth Games announced that they’d be bringing their popular cross-platform arena fighter Brawlhalla to iOS and Android devices sometime this year, and during the Ubisoft Forward video showcase last month they specified that the mobile version of the game would be coming out on August 6th. Well, we’re not QUITE at August 6th just yet, but Brawlhalla on mobile has nevertheless arrived in the App Store and Google Play Store. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, it’s more or less the same style of fighting game as Super Smash Bros. as your goal is to launch your opponents off the edge of the arena or into the stratosphere such that they’re not able to make their way back to solid ground. It uses a pretty simplified set of controls for a fighting game, also modeled after Smash, and the strategy of the game really revolves around timing and utilizing each character’s strengths and weaknesses in any given situation. And boy are there a lot of characters in Brawlhalla. Again channeling its inner Smash, many of the characters are guest stars from other parts of the gaming world.

As you can see in that trailer, the mobile version of Brawlhalla features extensive virtual control customization, and it also fully supports physical controllers complete with in-game menu navigation. Brawlhalla has always strived to be “free to play done right" and features sort of a League of Legends style character rotation system as well as non-essential cosmetic items sold as IAP. Basically there’s no way to pay to win, but it does feature a Battle Pass for earning rewards at a greater clip or a one-time All Legends IAP that will unlock every current character and all future characters for a price of $20. I love this method as for 20 bucks I can get access to every character but it doesn’t remove the enjoyment and sense of progression of earning new items and such. So if you even remotely enjoy fighting games, especially Smash, then you have no reason not to check out Brawlhalla for free on iOS or Android and throw down with people across every other gaming platform out there.

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