‘INMOST’ for Apple Arcade Is Getting a Huge Update This Summer with New Locations, Puzzles, Story, and a Ton of Improvements

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Back in October last year, Hidden Layer Games and Chucklefish launched INMOST () on Apple Arcade. Chucklefish publishes excellent games on all platforms and I was glad to see them be a part of Apple Arcade with INMOST Which is a story driven platformer with great visuals and music. Hidden Layer Games was supposed to bring it to Nintendo Switch and PC soon after the Apple Arcade release. This year has been difficult for almost everyone in some way and it has delayed INMOST on other platforms and the development in general. Chucklefish and Hidden Layer Games announced a new update for Apple Arcade that will include all the enhancements and content additions for INMOST‘s Nintendo Switch and PC release. Watch th INMOST Apple Arcade trailer below:

INMOST has three playable characters with unique styles and it is one of my favourite games on Apple Arcade. Check it out here on Apple Arcade. The Summer update will bring in new enemies, locations, puzzles, music, story content, dialogue, better performance, improved touch controls, and much more. There is no confirmed release date but the update is set for this Summer. Make sure to check out our dedicated Apple Arcade forum here for discussion on the service and the games available. Here’s our forum thread for INMOST. Have you played it yet?


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